Our work focuses on different actors that are influenced by digital innovation and mobility: users, traditional and new mobility providers, their supply chain, and cities. 

Our research takes place at the intersection between digital technologies, mobility, and innovation. Starting with the user, we investigate user-interaction and user-behavior and help mobility providers design technologies that fit the new needs. We take a look at strategic capabilities that traditional car manufactures, their suppliers as well as mobility start-ups need to thrive in the new world of mobility. 

 Our work focuses on the following areas: 

  • Mobile Technologies
    How can we use mobile devices and internet technologies to enable new mobility services? How can we make use of future mobile technologies like autonomous vehicles? How can we bridge the technological gaps?
  • New Digital Services
    How can new mobility services look like? What are their building blocks? How can business models for these services look like?
  • User Behavior
    How do users interact with new technologies and services? How can we advertise these technologies and services in order to encourage the desired behavior?
  • Legal and Social Questions
    Which legal, ethical and social questions are raised by new technologies and new business models? What are possible solutions to these questions?
  • City Integration
    How can we apply new mobility technologies and services in cities? How do they change live in cities?