Together with our partners from the private and public sector we have worked on various research and implementation projects. Here are examples of current and past projects.


OpenXC based Automotive Game Framework

OpenXC is an open source hardware and software platform, that lets you extend your vehicle with custom applications and pluggable modules.

In collaboration with Sven Krome of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's (RMIT) GEElab we worked on different prototypes for game concepts in the vehicle, such as AutoJam, AutoPlay and AutoGym. We created a simple framework (based on OpenXC) that allows to access vehicle data and use them in a automotive game. The framework can then be used to implement real working games for autonomous driving vehicles, such as the upcoming Audi A8 in 2017.


New interfaces for interaction with autonomous vehicles in car-sharing

We're taking a look into the future: Let's imagine a world where shared cars can drive autonomously. How can a user call a car to be picked up? How does the car communicate with the customer if it is stuck in traffic and the pick-up is delayed? 

We explore the challenges and possible solutions for an app that lets customers talk to their autonomous taxis. 


Create an Interactive User's Manual for a Drone Delivery Service

Drones become more and more popular. However, they are still toys for nerds and have not yet gained widespread acceptance. Besides from technical and legal questions, the question is, how an actual service using drones would look like. For which goods would we use them? How? How would we exchange goods? In this project, we design a drone delivery service and create an interactive user's manual for this service.   


Adoption Model for Autonomous Vehicles

How will autonomous vehicles be adopted? Together with researchers in Great Britain, we developed an adoption model for self-driving vehicles. The model compares different adoption scenarios and details the factors that influence adoption. 


Mobile App for "Car-Delivery"

No shared vehicle available? Order one - we deliver it! 

The unpredictability of car-sharing vehicles is one of the major reasons why people do not use these services more often. We have developed a solution for that: With our app-based service, you can order a vehicle. We have developed a business concept, an app, and an operational model that we tested in the real world for two weeks - with incredible success.



Apps for the autonomous driving truck

Together with one of the leading manufacturers, we developed prototypical apps for the future autonomous driving truck, where the driver is actually not driving anymore. The question is: "how can you improve the driving experience of a truck driver in an autonomously driving truck?". This might sound awkward, but there a tons of things the future motorist can do during the time being driven. Other things will become much more important such as planning the delivery schedule and trip and rest periods, communicating with friends, family, other drivers or the office. Optimizing the time spent in the truck or using it for relaxation and to keep fit. We've developed three different concepts for planning the trip (Lorry), socializing with other drivers through playing games (TruckTett) and keeping in contact with family, friends and other drivers as well as keeping fit (TruckNet).